Early Bird:

First pilot-in-command to arrive at Galesburg Municipal Airport for the 2018 Fly-In who remained for the duration:

David Brown arrived August 30, 2018 from Warrenton, VA in Stearman N46592.

Longest Cross-Country:

Awarded to the pilot whose direct route from his or her home airport to Galesburg was the longest in a Stearman:

1,717 statute miles, Edward” Ted” Miller, Santa Rosa, CA, Stearman N9923H.

Youngest Pilot:

Awarded to the youngest pilot who, acting as pilot-in-command, landed a Stearman upon its arrival for the 2018 Fly-In:

Brian Vallero, 23 years old, Galesburg, IL, Stearman N52287.

Most Vintage Pilot:

Awarded to the oldest person who, acting as pilot-in-command, landed a Stearman upon its arrival for the 2018 Fly-In:

“Old Bob” Siegfried, 89 years old, Downers Grove, IL, Stearman 3977A.

Newest Restoration:

Presented to the owner of the Stearman whose restoration was completed closest to the date of the presentation of this award: 

George Madok, Evergreen, CO, Stearman N58219. First flight Aug. 9, 2018. Restoration by owner took 7½ years.

Hard Luck Award:

Rob Tekampe, McHenry, IL, Stearman N1203M.

Stearman Most in Need of Restoration:

Quentin Marty, Hightstown, NJ, Stearman N46Y.

Kaydet Award:

For excellence in restoration of Army Stearmans:

Bob Swint, Geneseo, IL, Stearman N63806. Restoration by owner took nine years.

Yellow Peril Award:

For excellence in restoration of Navy Stearmans:

Blake Anderson, Burnsville, MN, Stearman N266N.

Best Custom:

In recognition of creativity and workmanship on custom Stearmans:

Diane and Dan Sokolowski, Clear Lake, IA, Stearman N69249.

Best Military Custom:

In recognition of creativity and workmanship on military custom Stearmans:

George Triche, Luling, LA, Stearman N49659.

Made It Happen Award:

In memory of Don Grundstrom, presented by Ric and Lisa Woldow What Stearman burned the most fuel during the 2018 National Stearman Fly-In:

200 h.p. category: N57950, Marie Spear, 113.8 gal.
300 h.p. category: N1714M, Harry Ballance, 80.2 gal.
450 h.p. category: N806RB, Brian Aukes, 140.6 gal.

A total of 3726.7 gallons of fuel were burned during this year’s fly-in.
(Fuel quantity was calculated from Monday, Sept. 3, through 5 p.m. on Saturday, Sept. 8)

Lloyd Stearman Award

Presented to a Stearman documented to be of significant importance in the Stearman Aircraft Company’s history, or one that has been restored to replicate or preserve the historic accuracy of a civilian or military Stearman:

Bob Swint, for his extensive research and attention to detail in his restoration, Geneseo, IL, Stearman N63806.

Bill Adams Memorial Foundation Award

In recognition of sustained effort that contributed measurably to the continued success of the National Stearman Fly-In and greater Stearman community:

Mr. Pete Jones, Cleveland, MS, for his career in restoring over 100 Stearman airplanes and his many years of
providing support to Stearman owners.

LaVerne Heck Appreciation Award

Presented to LaVerne Heck of Louisville, KY, for over 30 years dedication to the National Stearman Fly-In via her donation of the Stearman Fly-In stickers that are included in the Welcome material.

Fly-In Contest Awards

All contests were cancelled this year due to inclement weather conditions.

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