Early Bird:

First pilot-in-command to arrive at Galesburg Municipal Airport for the 2016 Fly-In who remained for the duration:

Brett Anderson, Burnsville, MN, arrived September 1, 2016 in Stearman N57762

Longest Cross-Country:

Awarded to the pilot whose direct route from his or her home airport to Galesburg was the longest in a Stearman:

Tyson Whittock and Ed Kornfield flew 3,900 miles from Anchorage, Alaska in Stearman N5176N. This sets an all-time Fly-In record of flying 34.7 hours over a 6-day period.

Youngest Pilot:

Awarded to the youngest pilot who, acting as pilot-in-command, landed a Stearman upon its arrival for the 2016 Fly-In:

Brett Anderson, 26 years old, Burnsville, MN, Stearman N57762.

Most Vintage Pilot:

Awarded to the oldest person who, acting as pilot-in-command, landed a Stearman upon its arrival for the 2016 Fly-In:

Bob Siegfried, 87 years old, Downers Grove, IL, Stearman N3977A.

Short-Field Takeoff (Stock Engines):

Shortest distance from start of take-off roll until airborne:

First: N33NA, Roger Brown, 419 ft
Second: Tie: N54653, Bob Pingston, and N4610V, Karl Vacek, 475 ft
Third: N429AB, Matthew Sawhill, 489 ft.

Short-Field Takeoff (275 - 300 hp engines):

Shortest distance from start of take-off roll until airborne:

First: N46819, Brandon Lail, 525 ft.

Short-Field Takeoff (450 hp engines):

Shortest distance from start of take-off roll until airborne:

First: N555BR, Ben Redman, 315 ft
Second: N349DC, Claude Sonday, 340 ft
Third: N347KF, Paul Fries, 345 ft

Rescue Drop:

For the flour bomb dropped closest to the center of the target:

First: N347KF, Paul Fries, pilot and bombardier, 36 ft, 5 in
Second: N33NA, Roger Brown, pilot and bombardier, 43 ft, 0 in
Third: N54653, Bob Pingston, pilot, 51 ft, 6 in

Precision Landing Contest:

For landing closest to a designated line:

First: N60657, Cal Tax, 25 ft
Second: N75546, Daniel Wolford, 45 ft
Third: N57762, Brett Anderson, 140 ft

Aerobatic Competition:

The Aerobatic Contest was cancelled due to strong crosswinds.

Formation Competition - 4 ship:

First: Spartan Flight: N54653, Bob Pingston; N64W, Rick Lutes; N63301, Chuck Marshall; N60657, Cal Tax

Second: Stearman Flight: N59269, Rod Hightower; N56914, John Hodgson; N52574, John Rettick; N95DA, Carey Hardin

Third: Cluster Flight: N62917, Aaron Marshall; N59472, Wally Falardeau; N532WW, Wayne Witt; N66417, Tom Lowe

Poker Run:

First: N52293, Ric Woldow, Three of a kind
Second: N60657, Cal Tax, 2 pair, Jack high
Third: N222FK, Dan Sokolowski, 2 pair

Newest Restoration:

Presented to the owner of the Stearman whose restoration was completed closest to the date of the presentation of this award:

NC53040, Merrill and MaDonna McMahan, Wausau, WI, restoration completed in 2007.

Hard Luck Award:

N59472, Wally Falardeau, Poplar Grove, IL. Developed engine trouble during 4 ship-formation contest, had to leave formation and land immediately.

Stearman Most in Need of Restoration:

N33NA, Roger Brown, Port Saint Lucie, FL.

Kaydet Award:

For excellence in restoration of Army Stearmans:

N713WW, James “Sandy” Wilson, Chicago, IL.

Yellow Peril Award:

For excellence in restoration of Navy Stearmans:

N2S-5, N53549, Vanessa Jago, Oshkosh, WI.

Best Civilian:

For excellence in restoration of civilian Stearmans:

No civilian Stearmans attended this year so the award was not presented.

Best Custom:

In recognition of creativity and workmanship on custom Stearmans:

NC53040, Merrill and MaDonna McMahan, Wausau, WI. Restored by owners.

Best Military Custom:

In recognition of creativity and workmanship on military custom Stearmans:

N75007, “007”, James Draper, Lakeview, MI.

Lloyd Stearman Award

Presented to a Stearman documented to be of significant importance in the Stearman Aircraft Company’s history, or one that has been restored to replicate or preserve the historic accuracy of a civilian or military Stearman:

N22D, Herb Clark, Weirsdale, FL.

A one-of-a-kind Stearman, N22D, was originally owned by Johnny Dorr. Johnny owned a Stearman spraying company and operated a spraying school. Johnny highly modified one of his Stearmans. He clipped the wings, added a turtle deck with sliding canopy, installed a smoke system, 300 h.p. Lycoming engine and custom wheel pants. He flew the airplane at air shows for many years. The airplane was placed into storage in 1979. Johnny was the only known pilot to have flown the airplane. After 36 years in storage in Merigold, Mississippi, the plane was sold in 2014, disassembled and transported to Texas and in 2015 was then moved to Weirsdale, FL. After 6 months of inspections and work required to bring it out of storage, a new Experimental Airworthiness Certificate was issued on Feb. 16, 2016.

Bill Adams Memorial Foundation Award

In recognition of sustained effort that contributed measurably to the continued success of the National Stearman Fly-In and greater Stearman community:

Bob Jesko, Chicago, IL.

It’s often said that pictures are worth 1,000 words, and that’s certainly true for the photos taken during the last 45 years of the National Stearman Fly-In.
Without the skill and artistic eyes of those who live behind a camera, we would miss a valuable link between those who had a vision and nurtured the fly-in from its humble beginnings, to the international gathering of planes and people we enjoy today.
Pictures invoke passion, bring back memories, and invariably link us to past generations. Stories and recollections are precious, but they often quietly pass with their story tellers. Pictures are timeless, without the people who click the shutters, we would lose our history.
The recipient of this award has been a regular fly-in attendee since 1977. He is not a Stearman pilot, but loved the plane and people so much he once owned one. There’s not an event at the fly-in you won’t see him precariously perched on a ladder, clinging to an old metal roof, or kneeling in tall grass for the perfect shot. Hundreds, if not thousands, of his photos have been seen in books and magazines. Those of us that have been subjects of his photos felt like privileged celebrities. When we return home, there’s often an envelope waiting for us in the mail containing all the photos he took of us and our planes.
Most importantly, is Bob’s soft spirit, booming voice, and unmistakable belly laugh that reminds you that the fly-in is home.



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