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Celebrate the Stearman
In Galesburg, Illinois!


The 47th National Stearman Fly-In will celebrate America’s iconic biplane, and you’re invited to join the fun Sept. 3-8, 2018 at Galesburg Municipal Airport.

The must-attend event of the year for Stearman enthusiast will offer a generous mix of flying events, technical seminars, entertainment and food. Best of all, it’s an opportunity to fly and relax with friends!

We’re nearing a landmark event – the National Stearman Fly-In’s 50th anniversary.
Here are the upcoming Fly-In dates:
48th National Stearman Fly-In: Sept. 2-7, 2019
49th National Stearman Fly-In: Sept. 7-12, 2020
50th National Stearman Fly-In, Sept. 6-11, 2021

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NSFI Facebook Posts

Friday Fly-In Photo: only 24 days to go folks! The 47th National Stearman Fly-In isn't just a "fly-in"... it's a "fly-in, fly-out, and fly-around-and-around..." There are Stearmans flying every day, almost all day, sometimes alone, and sometimes in together. Sometimes you'll see a formation of Stearmans off in the distance over the cornfields and there's nothing in your field of view to tell you what year it is... Hey, the airplanes don't know it's not 1941!

September 3-8, 2018
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Friday Fly-In Photo: Long shadows stretch into the grass in front of the Stearmans at the 2015 National Stearman Fly-In before another awe-inspiring Galesburg sunset. Folks, it truly is a wonderful experience that you don’t want to miss. Even if you can only make it for a day or two, it’s well worth it! Photo by Ted Bevenour

September 3-9, 2018
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Friday Fly-In Photo: 38 days to go! At the National Stearman Fly-In, you don’t just sit behind the fence and watch the occasional Stearman fly by... nooo... you can come right out to the airplanes in the tram and see them up close. At some fly-outs, you can even stand right next to the runway and get shots like this! I took this in 2011!

Don’t miss it! September 3-9, 2018
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Friday Fly In Photo: 45 days to go! Every Friday, from now until the biggest and best Stearman event in the country begins, we’re going to wet your appetite with some stunning images from previous fly-ins.... do not miss the National Stearman Fly In... it is fantastic friendly fun!
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